Research Paper

The research paper I compiled on the benefits of cow urine showcases its multiple uses. I have differentiated my research into sub-heads. (NB: This is an abbreviated listing of the findings.)

Chemical Composition of Arka: Water - 95% : Urea - 2.5% : Minerals, Hormones, Salts & Enzymes - 2.5%

Effect of Arka on Leukaemia: In the treatment of Leukaemia, when applied on the skin alleviates white skin patches.

Arka as an Antimicrobial Agent: Some of the constituents of urine have microbicidal properties like Halogenated Phenol – Antifungal; Phenyl Phenol - Antimicrobial, antiviral; Carbolic acid, Manganese – Antibacterial, Pesticidal; Aurum Oxide - Antimicrobial, Antitoxic.

Effect of Arka on Wounds: Arka has antiseptic properties. Urine applied wounds are found less infected and take less time to heal when compared to antiseptic cream. The Administration of fresh urine orally enhances healing due to its natural immunological properties.

Effect of Malanad Gidda Cow's Arka: The Malanad Gidda cows urine has antifungal properties. The metabolites of fungus during this process, is antimicrobial, that is, the urine exerts a direct action on fungus and indirectly impacts bacteria too.

Anti Cancer properties of Arka: Cow Urine Therapy is considered to posses potent Anti Cancer properties, such as:

DNA repairing potential: Arka efficiently repairs the damaged DNA. Damage of DNA by chemicals is the major cause for Cancer. This property reduces the spread of malignant cancers and helps fight tumors.

Antioxidant Property: The volatile fatty acids show antioxidant properties which control damage in DNA.

Antimicrobial Activity: Many viruses cause cancer. These microbes are killed by Arka.

Anti free radicals: Free radical molecules, which have lost electrons attack the nearest stable molecule and steal the electron. They can attack enzymes, fat, proteins, etc., and cause DNA to mutate causing cell damage and inducing tumor cell growth or aging. Arka prevents free radicals.

Effect of Arka fertilizer on quality of Pasture: resulted in a marked increase of grass growth without effecting soil quality.

Development of Arka based disinfectant: Arka has natural disinfectant and antiseptic qualities. A herbal disinfectant is made with Cow urine - 25ml, Neem extract - 37.5ml, Tulsi extract - 37.5ml, Ritha extract - 20ml and Pine oil - 10ml. This product is added to 1 liter of water. This can be used on any surface like walls, floors, tiles, bathrooms, and toilets.

Arka has Anti Leishmania effect: Leishmaniasis (Kala azar) is a highly endemic disease in Indian Sub continent. Arka shows strong growth inhibitory action where as human urine is found to be growth stimulator.

Panchagavya: Milk, curds, ghee (un-clarified butter) dung and urine, when mixed is called Panchagavya. The concoction is seen to increase resistance, rejuvenate cells, cure cancer, reduce dependence on antibiotics. It also forms the basis of a strong nutrient rich manure for the soil as it contains earth friendly microbes, which is essential for agriculture. Importantly, these medicinal properties are seen only in Indigenous cows.

Effect of Arka on Biochemical Parameters of white leghorn layers: Arka was given to the treated group at 1ml per bird. There was a Serum Protein - 14.71% increase, Serum Glucose - 37.81% increase, Serum Calcium - 28.85% increase and Serum cholesterol - 30.26% increase.

Effect of Arka on Lymphocyte Proliferation in developing stages of chicks: Arka diluted in 10ml|litre of drinking water was given to the chicks from new born to a month old. T-cell and B-cell blastogenesis assay was performed. Lymphocyte proliferation assay showed that the T and B cells become functional with increasing effectiveness, right from the day of hatch.

Effect of Arka on the Production and quality traits of Eggs: There is significant increase in egg production, egg weight, shape index, albumin length, albumin index, yolk index, as well as shell thick-ness and weight. This can be used as feed additive to yield good quality eggs.

An interesting nugget: former Indian Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpai drinks Arka on daily basis to cure his multiple diseases.

The above is just an inkling and barely skims the surface of the research that has been conducted. There are many more questions and far more avenues for research. One question I would like to explore is how to bottle and preserve this resource and market it globally.